Top Time Saving Tips!

Do the days seem to run away from you? Do you need more than 24 hours in one day? Well we’ve got some top time saving tips to help you fit more into your day.

Have a Break…

It may sound foolish but actually having a break could save you time. It is recommended that for every hour you spend working on a computer you should have a 10 minute break to rest your eyes. However, you do not have to see this as wasted time. Do those little things that can take up your time. Plan social media posts, that bit of filing and a quick tidy of your desks are little tasks that can easily be achieved in these 10 minutes, but if you leave them they can pile up and you have to spend hours sorting them at a later stage.

Therefore, a 10 minute break not only protects your vision but can save you time!

Sort your Email…

Businesses receive thousands of emails a year that are junk or sales. If an email comes through that you’re not interested in, don’t just delete it, make sure you mark it as junk. This way, the next time they email you, you won’t have to deal with it in your inbox. Such a little task can save you considerable amounts of time throughout the day and in the long term.

Plan your Meetings…

Many business owners are required to attend multiple meetings throughout the week. Yes they are time consuming, but they are also necessary. However, these tips can help you to make meetings more efficient, reducing the time spent away from the office.

Before going into a meeting make sure you have a planned agenda and a set timescale. If you plan what you need to discuss, you do not have to spend time trying to remember all the points that need addressing and can avoid discussing unnecessary topics. If you set a timescale you put a little pressure on yourself and your colleagues to come up with solutions more quickly, saving you all time.

Get Help…

If you implement all of these time saving tips and still find you do not have enough time to get all that necessary work completed, MAC can help.

We have a variety of services to help save you time:

Call Handling – If you need to crack on with admin in the office, the phone ringing can be a real drain on your time. If you transfer your line to us, full time or just when the office is getting too busy, we handle all your calls for you, leaving you with the quiet you need to finish that admin.

Admin Services – We have a variety of admin services that are flexible to the individual business. Give us a call if you don’t have the time to complete admin tasks and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Delivery Service – If you receive a lot of deliveries, waiting for them can prevent you from going out and growing your business. By sending these deliveries to MAC you can be assured that someone will be there to sign for your deliveries and keep them safe until you can collect them, freeing up your time.

If you have any questions or require further information please get in contact:
Tel: 01782 577870