Swamped by paperwork?

So, you’ve heard all about our call handling and how it has helped others. Today I want to tell you about our admin services. We have a flexible approach to individual business needs. We can help with ongoing admin support or just one off jobs. Anything from filing, data entry or organising your business cards, as we have done this week.

We’ve entered data from a clients business cards onto an excel spreadsheet, a job that was not at the top of their priority list, but, with MAC’s help it has been completed by the deadline requested.

The client now has an organised and comprehensive list of all their contacts that can be accessed quickly. The data is easy to sort so they can prioritise their contacts and improve their customer service.

They can quickly transfer all information into programs such as Mailchimp and outlook, making marketing a breeze!

This job was necessary but time consuming, time that could have been spent with customers.

Would it have been done by today if they hadn’t used MAC? Or would the cards still be sitting in the draw?

If you are swamped by paperwork and need a helping hand organising and optimising your admin work, please get in touch!