Receptionist vs Call Handling Service: Why it’s no contest

Ever sick of the phone ringing? Sales calls? Having to switch off your phone for a meeting?

Then you’ve probably considered hiring a receptionist to take the trouble off your hands.

BUT did you know there is a much less expensive alternative with more benefits than a receptionist?

Call Handling Service: Less Expensive

The national average salary for a receptionist is £15,389. By comparison the yearly cost for our full time call handling service is between £665-£1000.

Considerably less expensive!

Call Handling Service: More benefits than hiring a receptionist

Not only is our call handling service far less expensive than hiring a receptionist but it also has more benefits!

  • NO Sick days, paid holiday, maternity leave, unexpected absences etc.
  • You have access to a team of receptionists who can take multiple calls at once
  • We have over 25 years combined experience in call handling
  • The salary saved by not hiring a receptionist can be used more beneficially, such as hiring someone to help you further grow your business.
  • No need to invest time and money in training.
  • Create the illusion of size – many small businesses/work-from-home businesses use our call handling service to provide a good brand perception.
  • We don’t tie you into a contract
  • Even at busy times your calls a team member will be available to answer promptly and ensure you don’t lose a customer
  • Increases the productivity of current staff – incoming calls have been proven to be the biggest distraction in the workplace, disrupting workflow.
  • Our service is flexible – expecting a quiet few months? Save even more money by using our flexi service for this period.
  • You can take breaks and holidays safe in the knowledge your clients are reaching a friendly and professional team.
  • Easily adaptable – as your business grows our service can accommodate your needs.
  • Support in other areas – at busy times we can provide support in other areas such as admin and bookkeeping with over 20 years accounting experience.

Overall, when it comes to the decision of hiring a receptionist vs using a call handling service, the service is both more beneficial AND less expensive. It’s no contest!

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