“I’m not in at the moment…”

Do you need to spend time out of your office and in meetings to gain more clients and business?

But what happens to those clients calling to discuss business? Do you risk having your phone on in a meeting or do you switch off your phone knowing 80% of people hang up when they hear a voicemail and 69% never call back? Do you leave a message when you reach a voicemail? How did you feel when getting a voicemail? Did you call back?

Many businesses flick their phones onto an automated answering machine whilst in meetings, however, most people hang up when they hear the machine and never call back.

MAC takes this worry away!

MAC provides a team of dedicated staff to take all of your calls and pass on any messages and contact details when it best suits you! All your calls will be answered by our friendly and professional team meaning you don’t have to worry about missing calls when in meetings.

We can be your full time receptionists or you can flick your line over to us as you go into a meeting, meaning your client can have 100% of your attention and customer calls are dealt with immediately.

Email: marie@macbusinesssupportltd.co.uk today for more information 🙂