Business Advice at Winter

We have some top tips to prepare your business for winter!

1. Make Plans in Advance

When the snow is on the ground and everywhere is gridlocked, you need a plan in place to ensure business can continue as efficiently as possible. For example, if you ensure you have team viewer installed on your computer you can do your work from home…

2. Work from Home

Make sure you have everything you need to work from home for a day in case you can’t get into the office or want to spend time with your loved ones.

3. Communicate

Make sure you have a consistent line of communication with your customers to reassure them if they have any queries over winter. Do most of your clients contact you by mobile? What if you lose it, leave it in the office, or have to turn it off for meetings? A call handling service is fantastic to ensure you maintain a high level of customer service.

5. Use the equipment and technology at your disposal

Backing up all your files to a hard drive you can carry around can be essential for if you have lots of work but can’t get into the office. Alternatively, if you want more time off over winter a Virtual Assistant can make sure your work is kept on top of whilst you enjoy a well deserved break!

If you require any help with your call handling, administration work, bookkeeping, management accounts or credit control over winter –MAC is here for you!